The Meeple Street’s Review of Kill Merlin!:

"Everyone I have played the game with has really enjoyed it and was impressed by the new take on mechanics. The game combines a unique set of mechanics and player interaction to create a superb game play experience, that keeps players focused on the game at hand. Each turn has a feeling of suspense attached to it, because players really don’t know who will cast a spell that could hurt their strategy or what Merlin has up his sleeve. That tension is present throughout the game and keeps players easily engaged and wanting to play more. Each time I play it gets better and it will definitely be one that stays in my collection because it does not feel like another game I own." - Mackenzie H., The Meeple Street Blog

Games of Berkeley:

"We've enjoyed hosting your playtesting, and I'm already looking forward to stocking Kill Merlin!" - Erik, Owner of Games of Berkeley

Nick from Board Game Brawl:

Kim from The Boardgame Mechanics:

"...this is gonna be a really fun, thinky game. A great fun theme… you don't normally see everyone going after Merlin!" - Kim, Board Game Mechanics

Logan Chops Reviews:

"It's a great game, we loved playing it! The mechanics with buying the ingredients to be able to learn spells and cast spells when you can is great. The artwork is really cute. ... It's a fun, engaging game! … It's an awesome time!" - Logan, Logan Chops Reviews

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Nerd Dad With Running Shoes Podcast:

Episode 20 - Kill Merlin!

"A game of strategy and magic that's great for the whole family. Runaway/Nerd Dad Approval!" - Nathan B., Nerd Dad With Running Shoes, @ndwrs1 on IG


More Quotes

"A great game that puts players against one another and against Merlin, watch out for that crafty Merlin! I can't wait to have this game!" - Jenn C., @cartajenna.plays on IG

"If you like games with take that and a little luck in the cards, I highly recommend this game for you! It is a great family game, and there is one thing I can guarantee: it’s fun! I love the art!! Absolutely love the theme, art, and cards!" - Jac, @boardgamegeekca on IG

"Kill Merlin! is great competitive fun!" - Matt C., @matt_carta on IG

"That Merlin is a jerk." - Cherie, @jdcherie on IG

Kill Merlin! is a perfect combination of skill and luck that leads to memorable games, lots of laughs, and tons of fun! Would recommend to game enthusiasts and casual gamers alike.” - Jack B., playtester

"It was such a fun game! I can’t wait to play again!!" - Cara G., playtester

“Kill Merlin is an A+!” - David S., Moosetache Games

"Merlin! Even when you're good, you're bad! You're just not a nice guy!" - Alex, playtester

"Loved how the game could change on a whim." - Jeff H., GenCon playtester

"Complete mayhem! Loved the game, plan to back!" - Ben A., GenCon playtester

"Super crazy cutthroat gameplay with tons of twists and turns. Just awesome, totally loved it." - Carson F., GenCon playtester

"Great game! Merlin cards are great, switches things up. I will kickstart this game." - Donnie K., GenCon playtester

"I like the amount of randomness in the game. It makes it unpredictable which I like. Having the same strategy every playthrough is no fun… I love the wizard pieces!" - Carrie B., GenCon playtester

"Killer game! Krazy fun! Great guys! Thank you!" - John N., GenCon playtester

"The game was a very fun and entertaining experience. I enjoyed it and would play this again." - Shaylee K. (12 years old), GenCon playtester

"Very fun! Loved it. Simple yet makes you think. Will for sure fund the kickstarter." - Codi R., GenCon playtester

"Liked: Random card placement, limited spell usage, balanced feel, art style and flavor text of cards. Disliked: N/A" - Ben W., GenCon playtester