About Us


My wife and I and our two sons have played a lot of games over the years. We are fans of strategy games like Dominion, Seven Wonders, Pandemic, Sentinels of the Multiverse, Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Castles of Mad King Ludwig... and for the past several months, we've been playing Kill Merlin!, a board game that we invented in October 2017. We really like playing this game. So, our primary purpose for creating a Kickstarter (launching soon) is to have a chance to share our creation with the world.

I am a dad who likes to lead by positive example. I want to show Zev and Zane that the act of creation is fun and achievable. So many people go through their lives without many out-of-the-box moments or ideas, and most of them do not follow through with action. So, this Kickstarter is also a way to share this act of creation with my children, to be a positive role model, and to prove that dreams can be realized through planning and action. Even if we are not completely successful with this Kickstarter, I'll feel like I have done the right thing by putting in the effort and sharing the experience with my children... because working on this project with them creates a memory that we will all cherish, and even failure provides life lessons and opportunities to learn.


Our Kickstarter for Kill Merlin! will launch on September 18, 2018. We hope you will support the campaign and help us share our game with the world!

- Dave Schuman